Saturday, August 23, 2014

Uncle Dave's Part VI: Velcro Heads

Every year for camp, I fill a special prize box with toys, games and books for each day of the week. This "velcro head" game was popular with children AND adults this year! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Max's "Winter Jacket"

Driving to town today, Max suddenly asked me if I would help him make a jacket when we got home. I told him that he already has a jacket and asked why he was thinking about making one. 

"Well, I found this string and I think it will work very well for a jacket and tie it around the middle, like this."

I asked if it was like a cloak and he insisted it was not. It would be a jacket he would wear for adventures. So, we got home and found an old plaid jacket that used to be Liam's. Max ventured downstairs and emerged with a handful of fabric, ribbon and an old baby slipper. He asked if I would cut the slipper and make it into a pocket for the jacket. I pointed out that the jacket already has four pockets, but he was very insistent on adding more. I cut the slipper apart and he sat next to me, watching me sew very carefully. As soon as it was finished, he placed a sharpie, some paper and a foam paintbrush inside.

I kept asking where he got this idea and suggesting maybe he had seen something like it in a book or a movie. He said, no, he had thought of it all by himself. He was so specific about what he wanted and so excited about it, I just couldn't get over how cute it was! He tied fabric with a ribbon to make a bow, and chose a large square of patterned fabric and instructed me where to sew it onto the jacket. I sewed for a good hour, and he still wants more added. We will continue working on it tomorrow, but here is where we are so far...

I love this kid.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Uncle Dave's Part II: Kayak Adventure

I took Sarah's kayak out on a calm morning and paddled far into a little cove I had never explored before. 

The water was just inches deep, and the kayak skimmed easily through the reeds to places you just can't get to by boat, or even on foot. 

It was so quiet, and I was able to move so soundlessly, that I came within yards of a pair of Sandhill cranes. They whooped and called for several minutes right in front of me, so loudly that it echoed across the basin and reverberated through my whole body.

A deer picked its head up and regarded me from the shore...and then went back to eating, unalarmed by me sitting just a few feet away.

The whole river was glass at this hour...

...and just magnified the amazing views all around.

It was a perfect morning...

...and Sarah headed out to explore soon after I returned to camp and handed over the paddle!